Uranium Stocks are performing superb in April 2020

Uranium stocks rising

Since middle of march 2020, uranium stocks are performing unexpectedly well compared to the broader market. Let’s take a brief look at some momentum uranium stocks.

Energy Fuels $UUUU

Energy Fuels ($UUUU) – Chart powered by tradingview.com

$UUUU rose by 65% within 19 days. Energy Fuels is producing both uranium and vanadium.

What’s most interesting about $UUUU is the fact that the company is the „owner of the only operational conventional uranium mining in the United States“.

At April 22, it rose by roughly 22% on above-average volume, becoming the best performing uranium stock this day.

Another Uranium Stocks to put on watchlist:

  • UR Energy Inc ($URG)
  • Uranium Energy Corp ($UEC)
  • Lamaride Resources LTD. ($LAM)
  • Denison Mines Corporation ($DNN)

Trading tip:

As of today (23.04), uranium stocks are a bit overextended, so a pullback or consolidation can be expected within the next couple of days. Until then, these stocks might continue their rise.

Global X FDS Uranium ETF

Uranium ETF showing some resistence in future. Chart by Tradingview.com

Stay tuned!

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